Founded in 2019, Pivot Futsal aims to unite, educate, and inspire the global Futsal community. We believe in the future of Futsal --- standing beside our passionate supporter base of Futsal advocates. Our ultimate drive is to build upon the commitment, infrastructure and pathway for the sport to fuel long-term growth at all age and competition levels, globally.


While Pivot Futsal is rooted here in the United States of America, we will take a close look at Futsal thought leadership, case studies and best practices across the world. We will point to both facts and opinions to generate discussion in improving our cherished sport of Futsal domestically here in the USA and internationally.


Undoubtedly, Pivot Futsal will evolve over time. We are thrilled to launch this platform to engage and collaborate with the Futsal community to ultimately drive the sport forward. We encourage any and all stakeholders to join us in our mission.


  Mark Wysocki

Mark Before Kickoff _edited.jpg

[Wysocki pictured ahead of National League of Professional Futsal (NLPF) exhibition match.]

CONTACT: pivotfutsalofficial@gmail.com

Meet our Pivot Futsal founder, Mark Wysocki. Wysocki is an accomplished sports business & Futsal professional with 10+ years in the sports industry with some of the world’s leading corporate brands and rising small businesses. Wysocki has been very connected to the Futsal community over the years across the United States & internationally in the following functions:

  • Consultant to a series of strategic domestic & international Futsal organizations, professional leagues, and projects. 

  • Professional Futsal Player for Maryland-based (USA) powerhouse, Sporting Maryland FC - who competes in the National League of Professional Futsal (NLPF) and various tournaments. 

  • Director to oversee strategy and operations for various youth Futsal academies, leagues and teams. 

  • Strategist for youth Futsal curriculum and Head Coach across the District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia region (USA).

  • Advocate of the sport.


Wysocki is thrilled to lead Pivot Futsal into this new era to welcome all Futsal friends, stakeholders & connections to participate in productive dialogue across all aspects of the sport to shape the future of Futsal.