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Pivot Futsal Launch: Uniting the Global Futsal Community

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC - March 17, 2019 | Welcome to Pivot Futsal!

WE ARE LIVE! A ton of collaboration, discussion, meetings, research and networking has brought us here. There has been a disconnect across the Futsal world for far too long and there are many people, organizations & stakeholders doing great things in pockets globally. With that in mind, the goal of Pivot Futsal is simple - provide resources for those who seek, a voice for those whose experiences should be heard, and a pathway to make strides in infrastructure to support youth, adult & professional players on the rise.

Pivot Futsal aims to unite, educate, and inspire the global Futsal community. We believe in the future of Futsal --- standing beside our passionate supporter base of Futsal advocates. Our ultimate drive is to build upon the commitment, infrastructure and pathway for the sport to fuel long-term growth at all age and competition levels, globally.

While Pivot Futsal is rooted here in the United States, we will take a close look at Futsal thought leadership, case studies, interviews, POVs, infographics, articles and best practices across the world. We will point to both facts and opinions to generate discussion in improving our cherished sport of Futsal domestically here in the U.S. and internationally.

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Undoubtedly, Pivot Futsal will evolve over time. We are thrilled to launch the platform to engage and collaborate with the global Futsal community to ultimately drive the sport forward. We encourage any and all advocates to join us in our vision!

A Note from Pivot Futsal Chief Editor, Mark Wysocki...

First off, massive thank you to everyone who has supported Pivot Futsal from simply an idea a few years back to a connected community & platform today. It's been great to hear from many old and new Futsal friends looking to learn more or get involved during our "soft-launch" period. My hope is that Pivot Futsal will play a part in building infrastructure for the future of Futsal and shaping holistic Futsal opportunities for rising communities, players, teams, academies, leagues, coaches, staff & organizations that did not exist previously. I've been very fortunate over the past few decades in being connected to Futsal in many different roles and look forward to supporting experiences for the next wave of Futsal both domestically and internationally. Learn more about my background here.

Feel free to reach out: pivotfutsalofficial@gmail.com.

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